PSM Training Tourney July 2019

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PSM Training Tourney July 2019

Peter Stuart

Latest Information

The event is now complete! Scroll down for full results, photos of prizewinners, and Vega presentation.

New Initiative

North Shore Chess Club is using the bequest from Peter Stuart to promote chess, particularly junior chess.

Emphasis on Improvement

We intend to run a series of training events, of which this is the first. There are two main priorities:

First, to provide the opportunity for players to obtain or increase their standard FIDE ratings. This is of particular importance to those who have won direct titles at youth events (such as the Oceania Youth) but who have not yet reached the required rating limit.

Second, to provide instant feedback with analysis by strong players between rounds. We will guarantee the presence of strong coaches, and additionally we welcome all those with FIDE trainer licences to make use of the facilities and work with their own students between rounds. At our first event, we were delighted to have GM Dejan Bojkov (pictured) as our top coach, in addition to IM Paul Garbett (Oceania Veterans Champion), Ralph Hart (NZ Rapid Champion), CM Alphaeus Ang (NZ Junior Champion), CM Hilton Bennett, and CM Alex Huang.

GM Dejan Bojkov

An On-Going Project

Now it is time for us to assess our experiment. Feedback from participants is welcome!

Entry Details

Entry Fees

$55 per player.

No entries accepted after 8.30am Saturday 20th July 2019 or when full. 50 maximum; juniors will have priority if entries exceed 50.

Club account for payment:12-3008-0301266-00 (state name & “PSMTT”).

Ensure you have submitted the Entry Form, either online below or email Helen Milligan at

Entries CLOSED

Event Information


Saturday 20th to Sunday 21st July 2019.


Eventfinda Stadium, 17 Silverfield Lane, Glenfield, Wairau Valley, Auckland.


There is an upper rating limit of 2199 (FIDE rating), due to the time control.

Open to all players, but juniors will have priority with the coaches.

Non-NZL players must have FIDE ID issued by their chess federation.

NZL players without FIDE ID must provide full Date of Birth.


Four-round Swiss-system event(s), FIDE and NZCF rated where possible. The organisers reserve the right to split the entries between sections of about 20 players each, if necessary.

Time Control

60 minutes each player plus 30 seconds increment per move from move one.


Start Time Day & Date
Players' Meeting 9.30am Saturday 20th July 2019
Round 1 10am Saturday 20th July 2019
Round 2 2pm Saturday 20th July 2019
Round 3 9.30am Sunday 21st July 2019
Round 4 2pm Sunday 21st July 2019
Prizegiving As Soon As Possible Sunday 21st July 2019

Prize Fund

Prize fund of $500 will be allocated at the event.


PSM Training Tourney July 20199


Players were splt into 3 equivalent strength groups. Prizewinners from each group are:

Position Points Player
Group A

1st 3.5/4 Owen Jin

2nd equal 3/4 Daqi Mao

2nd equal 3/4 Uday Jain

Under 1350 3/4 Daqi Mao
Group B

1st 4/4 Kendrick Zhang

2nd equal 3/4 CM Richard Meng

2nd equal 3/4 Philli Park-Tamati

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Eddie Kim

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Tracy Tang
Group C

1st 4/4 CM Oliver Picken

2nd equal 3/4 Boyuan Zhang

2nd equal 3/4 Jeffrey Yu

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Brian Zhao

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Yaoyuan Zhang

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Penghao (Jack) Chen

Under 1350 equal 2/4 Tim Zhang

More photos in .

Owen Jin.

Kendrick Zhang.

CM Oliver Picken.

Uday Jain.

L-R: Philli Park-Tamati, CM Richard Meng.

L-R: Boyuan Zhang, Jeffrey Yu.

Tracy Tang.

L-R: Yaoyuan Zhang, Brian Zhao, Tim Zhang.

GM Murray Chandler (NZCF President) observing Kendrick Zhang at bookstall.


Printable Flyer/Brochure:


Printable Flyer/Brochure:

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Creative Commons License
This work by New Zealand Chess News is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.